Recycle for charity

Home-Start Slough & Burnham (HSSB) are calling on businesses in the town and surrounding areas to donate their used inkjet and laser/toner cartridges to help raise funds.

HSSB has teamed up with Recycle4charity, where up to £5 will be donated to the charity for every laser/toner cartridge given, and up to £1 for inkjet cartridges. Even old mobile phones which are just lying around the house can be recycled.

It will cost the company or individual nothing to donate the used items, as the charity will collect the laser/toner cartridges, and for the inkjets, there are special pre-paid envelopes.

The make of inkjets that can be recycled include HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, Neopost and Brother. Unfortunately, Epson or Kodak cartridges are not recycled by this company. Please check the website to see if your cartridges can be recycled at

Home Start Slough and Burnham’s fundraiser, Samantha Daynes, said: “We teamed up with Recycle4charity as it’s a brilliant way of raising money from items that are usually thrown away or sent back to the manufacturers.

“As with every charity, we need to continue raising much needed funds to keep our vital service going. By donating cartridges or mobile phones to us that are already used and are no longer needed, we can raise money and help the environment.”

Home-Start Slough helps parents, with at least one child under five, who are suffering from stress and difficulties ranging from mental health issues, physical or mental disability, financial deprivation, family breakdown, single parenting, multiple births, abuse, neglect or isolation.

If we can reach the parent, we can reach the child.

Anyone who would like to donate cartridges or old mobiles can speak to Samantha on 01628 661029 or email

HSS trains volunteers to provide practical help, emotional support, friendship and fun to parents who are struggling to cope and costs £180,000 a year to keep the service going.

If families crumble, communities disintegrate and children suffer. That’s why our volunteers work with parents at home to help them cope with the stresses and strains of parenthood so they can be stronger and their children can be happier.

The charity helps anyone, regardless of background and is not government funded. Instead, the charity relies heavily on grants, businesses and public donations.

In 2012, we helped almost 100 families get their lives back, but still need to help many more.

At the moment, the charity is part of’s Grow your tenner campaign, where they will match up to the value of £10 for all donations received. You don’t have to donate a full £10 – every donation given helps us continue our work.  To donate, please go to