New class of 2015

HSS are very pleased to introduce its newest volunteer recruits – all trained and ready to be a lifeline for local families in need.

Since last November, the eight volunteers have been receiving specialist training to become a Home-Start volunteer before embarking on one of their most rewarding experiences – helping families in crisis.New class of Jan 2015

Janine Edwards, scheme manager, said: “Our charity can only work because of wonderful people like our volunteers. Over the last ten years, they have helped more than 1,300 parents and more than 2,100 children.

“Life can be difficult for everyone, and we all need a guiding hand and someone to talk to without feeling judged. Home-Start enables parents to get back on track with their lives and in doing so, ensures their children’s lives are safe, secure and full of potential.”

The next volunteer training will be held on November 23, 2015 in Slough and anyone wishing to sign up to the 11 week course should call 01628 661029 for more information.

The charity helps anyone, regardless of background.

It costs more than £500 to train a volunteer to become a lifeline for parents. To become a monthly donor or to find out more information, please visit