Why do families need us?

Family of three on sofa

More than 95 per cent of the families we support need our help because of mental health issues experienced by one or both parents.

Often, this is due to post natal depression or partner separation, but we have also seen an increase in the number of parents who have learning difficulties and need the extra support and friendship a volunteer can provide.

Help with managing their children’s behaviour is also a huge need for more than 95 pent of families referred to us.

We also deal more and more with parents whose children have autism or ADHD and who need our help to come to terms with this. Accessing specialist support services is often hard for these parents, and this is when the role of a volunteer can be so crucial.

Isolation is another major issue for families, with more than 80 per cent saying they feel lonely and unsupported in their community.

We have been very successful at encouraging families to use services provided by their local children’s centre, although it can take time for some parents to start using the centre independently.