Angela’s story

Family of five playing about

As a first-time mum of twin boys, life was suddenly very different, and at times overwhelming. With little family support, my health visitor referred me to Home-Start Slough.

I’d never heard of the charity before and had reservations about having a stranger in my home, especially at such a difficult time.  However, my doubts soon vanished when I met my volunteer, Carol. She was lovely, very down-to-earth and completely trustworthy.

Carol would look after the boys while I concentrated on household chores and they took to her immediately.

She would encourage them to learn through play which helped with their development, particularly as they were six weeks premature. She would also help me feed the boys which gave me a very welcome break. As Carol was a mother herself, I often asked her for advice. I felt comfortable enough to do this and I never felt judged by her.

Unfortunately, I developed post-natal depression (PND), but Carol became someone I could confide in and open up to.

PND is an illness that is not widely understood, but she was so supportive. Without our chats, I don’t know how I would have got through those dark days.

Eventually, life improved and I felt stronger and more confident to be able to cope without the support of a volunteer.  I cannot thank Carol or Home-Start Slough enough for the help I received.