Lizzie’s story

Home-Start Slough was an absolute life-saver for me and my family. I had a three-year-old girl and twin boys of almost one and I was struggling to cope with no family or friends who were willing to help.

But in stepped Home-Start who, after an interview at my home to discuss my problems, sent us a volunteer called Luiza who proved to be my lifeline for two hours a week.

Luiza would talk and play with the children and bring arts and crafts materials and other goodies in her bag. As a stressed and, at that time, financially troubled mum, playing or doing arts and crafts with my children was the last thing on my mind.

The children would so look forward to Tuesday afternoon and would literally jump for joy when the doorbell rang.

I believe their health and happiness was hugely improved by the presence of Luiza who became like a grandmother figure to us all.

My family never went out of their way to help me or my kids, but what Luiza did for us, as a volunteer, was beyond belief.

It was thanks to Home-Start Slough that she came into our lives.